If you live on Long Island and have a child, chances are you have attended, or more than likely have planned and given a party or event for children. Whether you have need to run a fundraiser geared towards children, a fair or just a birthday party, deciding on a theme, planning and then implementing all aspects of these events or parties can certainly be overwhelming and surely, time consuming.

As owner and operator of a Long Island children’s event and party planning company I know what this can mean for many Long Island adults with jobs outside of the home, other children at home and little time in a busy schedule. Adding to that, is the desire to give the children something unique and not run-of-the-mill, as the number of parties they can be invited to can be numerous. At MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, of Long Island, we go out of our way to take the burden of event planning off you, by planning and implementing the best event or party for children you could ever imagine.

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