Children’s Party Planner

Looking for a children’s party planner? Call Gina at MMOTW because she can help! Long Island likes to party and we like to plan. It’s almost as if MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL was meant to be here. Party and event planning is like a road trip; getting there is only half the fun! There are themes to choose, activities to plan, cake to eat, and fun to be had! Serving all of Long Island, MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL specializes in all things party, from birth to Bat Mitzvah, and everything in between. Whether your event is 4 months away or 4 hours away, there is always something we can do to help. Check out our themed stay-at-home party packages or allow us the pleasure of choosing an unforgettable venue. Call Gina, your children’s party planner!

Not sure what theme you would want OR wanting something other than the party packages listed? With my 20-years experience as a mom, a beauty professional, and entrepreneurial businesswoman, pulling also from my degree in Fashion Merchandising, I am capable of going well beyond my usual party packages in planning and bringing your own original themed-party or event ideas to life:

* Princess Dress-up Party, (this is perfect for 3-6 year olds)

* Mad Hatter Garden Tea Party

* Off-To-The-Ball Diva Party

* Once Upon A Time Spa-Jama Party

* Tween Makeup Party

* Mini Party

You do not lose control of the party, just the party planning and purchasing hassles. And no one will be kicking you out when your time is up! Families with elderly or special needs members find this especially helpful and easy, as those members never have to leave the conveniences of your Long Island home.

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL‘s Party and Event Planning Service has brought smiles to the faces of our Long Island clients, as the stress of planning a party or special event is alleviated. Give yourselves more quality time with your family and friends and more time to enjoy the occasion by letting MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL plan your next children’s party or event. Reach us at 631-796-1443.

Children's Party Planner