As a Long Island mom I know 2 things for sure; little girls love parties and most little girls love to dress up! As a working mom, I also know that planning a girl’s party, making it special, getting the house prepped and working can be overwhelming. With birthday parties getting more and more elaborate and children and parents alike wanting a themed party, it has become a real challenge! Especially for that special little girl in your life. Feeling the same way?

After many little girls’ parties, a both the guests and the hostess, I decided to try to change things for other moms and dads who needed to throw a girl’s party. I became a party planner, specializing in themed girls’ parties!! As a party planner, my team and I have the best time planning and then implementing these special parties for girls from all over the Long Island area. Once the theme has been chosen, we do all the planning and on the day of the party we come to your home, set it all up, decorate, provide costumes, or bring makeup for a makeover party, run the party and you sit and enjoy your guests and watch as everyone has fun! Mirror Mirror On The Wall becomes the party planner, and you become the un-frazzled host or hostess. So if you are looking for a girls birthday party planner in Deer Park, NY, you have found the right place.


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