Planning your little girl’s birthday party should not be a scary thing, yet it usually is for the parent(s). Birthday parties are a million-dollar per year industry, and if society (or even television), has taught us anything, it’s that the bigger the better. The problem is, the bigger something is, the more expensive it becomes. What if we told you that was no longer the case? 

When it comes to planning your little girls birthday party, let’s face it, a little help would be nice.  As parents, we tend to get overwhelmed and inundated with details, expenses, and just plain old stress when we try to plan these elaborate parties. There is so much planning and prep work that goes into it, that when the actual day arrives, most parents are too exhausted to enjoy themselves. What typically starts off as a small birthday party for a few kids quickly grows into a red-carpet event where there is less than 24-hours to track down a Disney Princess, plan activities, and keep 50+ kids entertained. It’s exhausting. When did birthday parties stop being fun? 

That’s where MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL comes in. We bring yours and your little girl’s vision to life, without any worry to you or your wallet!

We want this day to be just as special and memorable to you, the parents, as it is to your child. Leave the worry and work to us and allow us the honor of being your official “Girls Birthday Party Planner” on Long Island. We can accommodate any size event and any size budget. It can be in the comfort of your own home, at a venue you choose, or a place we recommend. The goal is to make you and your little girl feel incredibly special and we promise to do just that. Remember, Mom and Dad, this is supposed to be fun!

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