The only thing Mirror Mirror On The Wall, loves more than planning fun parties for Long Island girls, is planning fun and unique parties that the girls love! We also know how hard it can be to plan a party that our “tweens” will adore. We believe our Tweens Make-up party will have them talking about the day well after the occasion.

What makes this Tweens Make-up party so special is our approach viagra in ungarn kaufen. We all know how interested, even obsessed a tween can be with the intrigue of make-up, but applying it properly is essential. And at their age, skin care is a building block for a lifetime of healthy skin and years of wearing make-up. We teach the girls how to clean their skin, and we use a CHOCOLATE facial to start with!!! We answer all questions and give them a go at applying makeup on their own. Sometimes, it is easier for a “stranger” to teach these essentials and teach moderation in make-up, than Mom or Dad! All while they are having fun and building memories at their Make-up Party!

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